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Cantor Spine Institute
Cantor Spine Institute
3000 Bayview Drive
Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306


Cantor Spine Institute is a renowned South Florida-based medical institute specializing in the education, research and clinic studies of cutting-edge, minimally invasive spine treatments that are smarter, safer, future-minded, and better. The pioneering vision of Dr. Jeffrey Cantor is dedicated to lifestyle-preserving, long-lasting, superior solutions and technologies for patients with spine problems. The Cantor Spine Institute has established a comprehensive research, education and training program to advance the field of spine and pain. Our nationally recognized team takes the time to connect with, listen to, and really hear our medical community and patients, and their desires for spine treatments that are safer, future-minded, and better. We thoroughly study and research the best treatments and procedures for each spine condition. Cantor Spine Institute is dedicated to education and research into the latest technology and innovations to preserve, restore, and better the spine.

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